[Sticky] Five Keys to a Quality First Page  


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22/10/2016 2:01 pm  

Please read THIS POST for some insights into what makes for a quality first page.

Remember: normal people don't sit around thinking about their backstory so the readers of their life stories can play catch up. Make sure that wherever you start your story, your reader can feel connected to the NOW. Use sensory details to ground us in the scene. Make sure your main character is living their own story, not being used by their author as a communications tool. 

Readers want to read about people, not tools. 😉

Also, do NOT beat yourself up if you started your story in the wrong place. There isn't a bestselling author alive who hasn't done that dozens or even hundreds of times. THIS IS NORMAL. Beginnings are HARD. But the joy of finding the right starting point, the right details, the right characterization, the right pacing, the right voice . . . and weaving ALL that and more into a beautiful first page? Oh, it's worth it. It is so, so worth the hard work of revising over and over again.

You'll get there, okay? And we'll help you find your way. 🙂


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