They’ve Come to Collect . . .

Bounty Hunters led by Boba Fett have positioned themselves at every junction.


They’ve cut off all paths to the training grounds where they’ve rounded up several Padawans.


The Council must engage them to rescue their captives and prevent them from being handed over to the Sith.


May the Force be with you…

Battle Stations: Query and first 15 pages
Anger clouds your mind: Query and first 50 pages
Somebody has to save our skins: Query and first 100 pages
It’s a trap!: Query and full

Divider F

MG Historical Fantasy: Simon Grey and the March of a Hundred Ghosts

MG Contemporary: Zach Beacon Strikes Out

MG Horror: #MoMoLives

MG Historical Fantasy: A Matter of Mummies

Adult Mystery/Thriller: Do No Harm

Adult Historical Fiction: The Land of Lost Souls

YA Fantasy: Fount of Power

YA Contemporary: 50 Ways to Kill Your Stepmother

YA Contemporary: The Water Child

YA Sci-fi: Genesis

YA Contemporary: Things Better Not Heard

YA Fantasy: The Night Witches

YA Sci-fi: Beyond the North Star



The full force of the Jedi Masters and their teams can been found below.

Team Take a Seat

Team Jedi Prince

Team Obi Wan and the Wookies

The Rey Guns

The Bounty Hunters

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