YA Contemporary: Things Better Not Heard


Genre: YA Contemporary

Word Count: 84,000
Special Question: Natasha would love to be brave enough to emulate Princess Leia, because those funky side-buns would solve her constant attempts to hide her hearing aids by tugging loose hair over them.
35 Word Pitch: Deaf seventeen-year-old Natasha is determined to win a college scholarship and break her family’s cycle of welfare dependence. However, discovering her Turkish boyfriend’s secret leads to a rash decision that may ultimately destroy her future.

First 250 Words:

The bottom dropped out of my stomach like I’d hit a speed bump at one-fifty, and I goldfished for breath. The unusual stillness of the classroom meant five other girls—and probably at least two boys—had rated the new guy at precisely the same level as me. To. Die. For.

Hayley stiffened alongside me like a hunting dog. If I risked a glance at her, I’d lose my shit for sure, because she’d be pointing with her boobs rather than her nose.

To disguise my reaction, I shoved a hand through my hair, tucking it behind my ears as I steadied my breathing. Damn. Rarely was I unselfconscious enough to pull such a dumb move. Though my loose hair flouted the school dress code, the embarrassed teachers could be relied on to ignore my only defiance—but now I’d exposed my hearing aids. I raked my hair back into place, praying the new guy hadn’t noticed.

Oblivious to the no-touching-students rule, Mrs. Richter ushered him further into the classroom, then danced her impressive bulk back to guard the door, as though she feared he’d bolt. Like a wild animal.

His rugged appearance held a hint of something untamed, but it looked like running was the last thing he’d ever need do. Knee bent, left leg taking his weight and thumb hooked through the shoulder strap of his backpack, he confidently returned the not-so-covert scrutiny of fifteen sets of eyes.


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